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So disappointed with the company Fathead, all over there site they claim their walls clings remove easily and WON'T DAMAGE WALLS! Had this happen today when removing them (there are several more damaged areas). Contacted the company and did not get a satisfactory result. They offered to replace the decals and a small amount of monetary compensation for the wall damage. Not nearly enough to cover an actual repair. Not to mention why would I want new ones if they are just going to do this again? This is straight from their website:

If it deserves a new place, how should I move it?

You can easily move your peel and stick decals. Identify where you want your Fathead decal to go, wipe the wall clean (no soap), wait until dry and then with the help of a friend carefully remove the Fathead from one wall and carry it to the new location and follow the rest of the instructions. If you are moving it to a new location that is not within walking distance, put your Fathead back on the original liner it came with and transport to your new location. Then buy a new Fathead decal to fill the space where the old one was.

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I had the same damage to my wall. I took pictures, wrote a nice email to customer service explaining what happened, and they sent me a brand new replacement for free. That was wonderful customer service!!


So how did you fix the problem? My boyfriends son put 2 of them up in our living room and i went to peel it off and same damage.

I'm also a pissed consumer. Maybe it is unpainted drywall we didn't know that????!

to Anon #1400387

I did a float coat of drywall mud and sanded it down. Luckily I grew up doing drywall and knew how to fix this otherwise it costs a good amount to have someone do it for you.

Windsor Locks, Connecticut, United States #1262638

Oh that's too bad! So far, ours haven't caused any damage.

I bought them for my daughters while in college, both removed from their dorm walls with no problems. We have a large one in the family room & it actually started to come down once but no damage.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1243966

Was going to get one until I saw this damage. Thank you.

Augusta, Georgia, United States #1232945

I'm in the military and have removed My Fatheads more than I can count and I've NEVER seen or experienced damage like that. Sure I ripped one because I went too fast pulling it off but I dunno what kind of walls or paint you have but that's exceptional.

I wouldn't put it all on your Fathead; might be poor paint or drywall issue. Did you glue it on there?


Looks like you put the fathead up on unpainted drywall. Not sure, but the rest of the surrounding area looks unfinished.


What's the problem? Says right on their website BUY ANOTHER ONE TO COVER THE OLD SPOT what other solution do you need??

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